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Rainingman2014 - How did it go?


2014 Cascadia Rainingman starts August 29th and continues all Labor Day Weekend at Finney Farms near Concrete, WA.

RSVP via Facebook Here

Art, presentations, skillshares, debriefs and discussions during the day. Music into the night.

Suggested Donation $35 for all weekend. All money goes to our wonderful hosts at Finney Farm.

Please Note!

We are on a real live farm! Please be respectful and:

  •  leave your pets at home! 
  •  pack out what you pack in! 
  •  use the provided restrooms! 
  •  carpool and rideshare! 
  •  keep events family-friendly! 
  •  have a ton of fun! 

Arrive Early!

The first 50 attendee's to pay the suggested donation of $35 (or more!) will receive a free Nylon Doug Flag (provided by CascadiaNow!) for showing their support. 

Prepare to camp!

This is a camping event on private land. Prepare to pack-in and pack-out all your food and supplies. Fires are not permitted but camping stoves are okay! Be prepared for camping, you are responsible for your own supplies. 

Presentations and Music


5:00 Gates Open
7:00 Tigers in the Tank - Indie Eclectic (Seattle)
7:50 The Gold Rust - Country/Folk (Bend)
8:00 Volunteer and Presenter Orientation and Meetup
8:50 Junkyard Amy Lee - Blues / Country (Seattle)


We will focus on Cascadia as it exists now, with presentations and discussions focused around groups active right now, and issues facing our region. 

10:00 Introductions - Welcome! Time for presenters to introduce themselves and workshops. 
11:15: Introduction to Finney Farm and guided tour for those interested.
12:00 Break for Lunch
1:00 What is Cascadia? - by Brett Robinson
1:30 Bioregionalism 101: The Who's, Why's and How's of Re-inhabiting space - By Elona Trogub and Cathasaigh Ó Corcráin
2:45 Mycological Soil Conservation: Best Practice
3:45 Engaging the CBO Transformation
4:15 Facilitated Ecosystem Recovery: Shifting the Stewardship Paradigm
4:45 Plant ID Walk
5:00 Meditation and Spirtual Fusion
6:30 Spoken Word Performance by Lenne Reid
7:30 Open Mic / Talent Show
9:00 Aerial Ruin - Acoustic Folklore (Portland)
9:45 Plaedo - Spoken Word/Hip-Hop (Eugene)
10:15 All Urban Outfield - Experimental Hip Hop


We will focus on Cascadia tomorrow! and be focused around organizing and planning for the future. 

10:00 Communication Tools Towards a Bioregional Consciousness 
11:00 Finding the Commonality in Unintentional Communities
12:00 LUNCH / Apiary Workshop
1:00 Creating a Regional Cascadia Organizers Network
2:30 Consciousness in Hip Hop Culture
4:00 Envisioning Rainingman 2015
6:00 Aerial Ruin - Folklore (Portland)
7:30 The Gold Rust (Bend)
8:15 Ethos Conscious hip-hop (Seattle)


9:00 Closing Ceremony
10:00 Rainingman 2015!
11:00 Weekend Debrief and Thank You
12:00 Final Farm Sweep and Pack Up Time